• Hi, I'm Amy!

    Helping professionals make the leap from apathy to action, dull to dynamic.

    Amy Williams, MA, DTR, RMT

    Founder, trainer and consultant

    I believe professional development is more than just a checkbox you mark each year. It doesn't have to be boring or leave you tired and resentful. It CAN be fun.
    It CAN be useful. It CAN make an impact. It's a personal investment in yourself from which your students, families, and community directly benefit. When your work excites you, that excitement is reflected in your relationships and in your classroom.
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  • My goal is to use the experience I've gained as a movement and expressive arts therapist, counselor, educator, coach, and performer to flavor my presentations with hope, inspiration, and humor.

    I know the power of compassionate leadership, honest coaching, and engaging professional development. I will work with you or your team to uncover patterns and set goals that are inspiring and relevant.

  • I am a trainer and professional coach with 25+ years of experience in education and development. ​

    With long-term relationships with Montessori schools, businesses, and non-profit teams, I bring a variety of knowledge to the table. Having created independent art experiences my entire life, I know the power of the arts to transform lives.

  • "This was really, I mean really, eye-opening! I never thought about how I can become a better teacher, a more 'attuned' teacher by using this information. I can't wait to notate on Monday morning!"

    - Preschool Teacher

    "Amy Williams is one of the most engaging and interactive Kestenberg presenters of Developmental Rhythms in the Classroom. Within the first ten minutes, educators from a variety of Portland schools laugh and connect to the sounds of Carlos Santana. She assesses, encourages, and authentically connects with each educator with metaphors deep with sense and meaning."

    - Dana Marie Lupton, Co-Founder & CEO of Moving in the Spirit

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