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Observation & Assessment

These workshops provide tools to become better observers of our community and to sharpen assessment skills.

Indicators of Child Abuse & Neglect (NEW!)

Children give us signals that they are experiencing abuse. Let's talk about the physical and behavioral indicators that we may see in the classroom and how we can support children. Gain concrete ideas about how to talk about consent and safe body boundaries with children. Learn how to strengthen trusting relationships with children so they feel safe.Core Knowledge Category: Observation & Assessment.

Developmental Movement Patterns in the Classroom (A teacher favorite!)

In this class, participants will explore the sequence of rhythmic movement choices children journey through as they develop. Participants will leave with a basic observation tool to use in the classroom. We will also discuss how individual preferences unfold in our relationship with individual children. Are we labeling children “problem” or “difficult” when really it is the typically developing stage they are in and our reaction to it? What do we observe and what types of classroom materials and experiences are we offering children as they proceed naturally through these rhythmic stages?

Core Knowledge Category: Human Growth & Development; Observation & Assessment. Set Two. (Not currently available as an online option. It is best live & in-person!)

Team-Centered Approach for Difficult Behavior in the Classroom (NEW!!)

Participants explore and create a process to review the current strengths and

challenges of individual children with special needs in the classroom. Alongside colleagues with diverse perspectives, examine how to create a team-centered approach that supports every child's success.

Core Knowledge Category: Observation & Assessment; Understanding and Guiding Behavior. Set Two.

Sensory Strategies in the Classroom (NEW!!)

Learn the differences between auditory, visual, olfactory, gustatory, vestibular, tactile, interoceptive, and proprioceptive senses. Recognize the sensory needs of children in your classroom and explore ways to support the needs of children according to their individual sensory palettes.

Core Knowledge Category: Special Needs; Observation & Assessment. 

Observe like a Rock! Create an Amazing Environment Through the Power of Observation (NEW!!)

Participants learn and practice the ways of the stealth observer; quiet, objective, and calm. See your space for what it is and what it can be. Learn how to implement practices and room arrangements that address problem areas and expand successful spaces.

Core Knowledge Category: Observation & Assessment. 

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