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Learning Environments & Curriculum

These workshops provide tools that support inspired environments and an engaging curriculum.

Words We Use: Positive Phrasing to Support Young Children 

Learn ways to speak with children that promote a peaceful, respectful classroom environment. Explore phrases that you may use currently that you want to eliminate. Transform your tone and increase the kindness in your voice when you speak to children. Practice building phrases that are honest and clear, loving and kind.

Core Knowledge Category: Learning Environments & Curriculum. Set Two.

Discipline Without Shame: Respectfully Guiding Young Children

Clear, simple expectations are at the heart of a peaceful classroom. Prepare your environment so that children know what to expect, understand that they are loved and respected and are free to make mistakes and grow. Explore concrete techniques that are effective and relevant. Practice the art of supporting children to do their best, make mistakes, and grow.

Core Knowledge Category: Learning Environments & Curriculum.

Elementary Classroom Communities of Peace (NEW!!)

First graders are soaring into a new plane of development and with that comes new challenges as they continue to refine their sense of justice and fairness. How do we talk with them about responsibility? How do practice building an equitable classroom? How do we establish classroom guidelines and agreements? As the elementary child grows, they present opportunities to have bigger conversations about peace, their role in the community and in the world. Come gain new ideas on how to support this inspired time in a child's life.

Core Knowledge Category: Learning Environments & Curriculum.

Creating a Classroom That Promotes Cooperative Behavior

Does your classroom support considerate and caring behavior or does it hinder it? Learn how to increase acts of kindness and increase cooperation in the classroom by creating the right environment.

Core Knowledge Category: Learning Environments & Curriculum.

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