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Health, Safety & Nutrition

Consider how you provide for your colleagues' and students' well-being and safety

Returning to School: Helping Children Feel Happy, Healthy & Safe (NEW!)

As they return to school, children and families may be worried, anxious, or unsure. They will look to you for reassurance and guidance. In this two-part series, examine the common indicators of anxiety, uncertainty, and fear. Discuss how you can maintain the health & safety of children and yourself within the community. Develop a plan to support children and families while you maintain a healthy practice of self-care.

*This workshop is Set 1, in the CKC’s of: HSN, 2 hours & UGB, 2 hours

Total of 4 hours.

Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect

I am a Oregon certified trainer for this state-mandated workshop.

Core Knowledge Category: Health, Safety & Nutrition, Set One. Parent Ed version available.

Review Your Space: Creating Safe and Developmentally Appropriate Spaces for Children to Thrive (NEW!!)

Let's take a survey of your existing campus spaces and expand the opportunities children have to explore and grow in ways that are safe,fun and engaging. Learn the balance between 'risk' and 'hazard' in spaces where children work and play.

Core Knowledge Category: Health, Safety & Nutrition, Set One

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