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Family & Community Systems

These workshops expand the personal knowledge of your teachers and staff to deepen connection across your community.

Important Conversations with Families: Cultivating Respectful and Clear Partnerships 

Ideally, we are always in a peaceful partnership with the families that we serve. Yet, sometimes we must have conversations that are difficult and uncomfortable that may put that partnership at risk. Examine ways to create a safe, trusting atmosphere, explore ways to communicate when emotions run high, and maintain a relationship that is respectful, clear and effective.

Core Knowledge Category: Family & Community Systems. Set Two.

Kindness in Community: Compassionate Communication and Collaboration 

Communication takes a lot of work. A lot of it. How often have you walked away from a conversation feeling angry, hurt, disappointed or misunderstood? Have you ever said things that you later regretted, things that hurt someone unnecessarily? Do you wish for more open and honest communication with your colleagues that was shared in a spirit of loving kindness? You are not alone and you have the ability to create a community of kindness.

Core Knowledge Categories: Family & Community Systems; Personal, Professional & Leadership Development.



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