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Personal, Professional & Leadership Development

These workshops aim to improve the quality of your team through respectful, clear, open & honest administrative and management practices.

EmpowerED (NEW!)

A comprehensive and dynamic class designed for ECE and SA school program leaders. This course focuses on equipping participants with the essential skills, knowledge, and mindset to become visionary leaders in the field of education. Perfect for new leaders and seasoned leaders looking to feel reinspired.

OCCD Set Three approved for live, virtual and asynchronous credit. Recordings are available to view and learn at your own pace.

Core Knowledge Category: Personal, Professional & Leadership Development, Set Three

Sparks Fly! (NEW!)

This class walks participants through several sections of the journal, "The Spark: A Creative Adventure for Teachers". It is a sanctuary for teachers, a place where the art of teaching and the joy of creative expression converge. Filled with a rich array of art and writing prompts, this journal sparks inspiration, encouraging educators to infuse their teaching with innovation and imagination.
Unleash your inner artist and writer as you respond to thought-provoking prompts tailored to the teaching experience in a group setting. Explore tools that support and enrich your skills as a teacher, and examine how your own history influences and shapes the person you are today. Pause and celebrate your successes. Find moments of Hope. Set goals on the things that matter most to you and your classroom community.

Core Knowledge Category: Personal, Professional & Leadership Development

The Reflective Model (NEW!)

Participants dive into the mission, vision and values of their program. Articulate how what you do day-to-day supports the grater purpose of the program in service to children and the community.

Core Knowledge Category: Personal, Professional & Leadership Development

Responsive Communication: Compassionate Connection (NEW)

What does a kind, compassionate, respectful community look like? Using tools from "The Four Agreements" and a little Non-Violent Communication, we explore the art of building relationships and share how to create an atmosphere of responsive, compassionate, and connected communication

Core Knowledge Category: Personal, Professional & Leadership Development

Self-Care Comes Second to Self-Compassion (NEW)

Everyone is talking about the importance of self-care, but what about self-compassion? Self-care is the action and approach that embody being kind and considerate to oneself. Self-compassion is having an attitude of kindness and consideration toward oneself. Participants investigate their own practice of caring for themselves and explore the ways in which they can develop more compassion for themselves on a daily basis. It's more than just taking deep breaths and drinking more water...

Core Knowledge Category: Personal, Professional & Leadership Development

Sigh.  It's BEEN A Year 

It has been a roller coaster, we are exhausted and we educators are struggling. How can we go beyond what we already know about how to take care of ourselves and connect more deeply with our students? Let's talk about Joy.  Let's talk about Flow.  How do we get in our own way? What are some new tools to support children who are also struggling? Create a partnership with others that not only extends care but receives care as well. 

Core Knowledge Category: Understanding & Guiding Behavior & Personal, Professional and Leadership Development

Sometimes, I Can't Help M'Self: How I Get in My Own Way 

Have you ever had a day when every single one of your efforts to manage the classroom fails miserably? Children are climbing the shelves, our stress-level is soaring and nothing seems to work! It could be old habits that make us trip up our own selves. Explore the ways in which we get in our own way and learn how to make a shift. Examine possible unmet needs and how to come to our classroom every day with a fresh perspective. 

Core Knowledge Category: Personal, Professional & Leadership Development; Understanding & Guiding Behavior. 

They Can See What's On Your Bookshelf, You Know 

Be present. Be open. Be engaged. As we turn to leading more online classes, trainers in this class will learn how to create more engaging experiences for participants who join online training classes. We will cover how to prepare for an online session as well as cover how to have successful breakout sessions, inspiring students to remain engaged and leave inspired.

Core Knowledge Category: Personal, Professional & Leadership Development; Program Management. 

*Crawl, Pull-up & Go: A Guidebook for Coaching Infant & Toddler Teachers (*not just for toddler teachers...)

Prepare new teachers and inspire seasoned teachers of your youngest children to strengthen your program. Use coaching basics to communicate clearly, coach with clarity and collaborate seamlessly. Build a professional development plan that examines best practices as well as covers family communication and partnership.

Core Knowledge Category: Personal, Professional & Leadership Development; Program Management. Set Two.

Paint, Pencil & Ink: Creating a Plan for Self-Care

Through the use of a variety of art materials, explore inspiring ways to recharge and remain fresh and authentic within your community. Articulate what is important to you personally so that your work as an educator deepens.

Core Knowledge Category: Personal, Professional & Leadership Development. Set Two.

"I have attended so many trainings and this one blew me away. Using different art materials as an expression of oneself is new and resonates more with me. Such a unique experience!" - Participant

Colors of Your Own Sensory Palette 

Through active experiences with art materials and personal reflection, explore and examine your own personal sensory sensitivities. Learn how this interfaces with the children with sensory issues in your classroom communities.

Core knowledge Categories: Personal, Professional & Leadership Development; Special Needs, Set Two.

Develop An Amazing Team: Recruit, Select, Engage, Coach and Retain the Best

Create an interview tool that helps you find & select professionals who can give you just what your school needs. Provide ways for your team to be invested in many levels of decision-making. Develop a plan to effectively, firmly and fairly coach the members of your team that need inspiration, skills and the drive to serve your families and children to build a cohesive, happy, inspired team. Evaluate and implement staff training and development plans that support higher school goals. And finally, leave with ideas on how to keep the great members of your team for the long run.

Core Knowledge Category: Program Management; Personal, Professional & Leadership Development, Set Two.

Team Building with Grace and Style

Building a team that works together and reflects kindness and compassion can be easy! Leave with specific ideas on how to strengthen a team with needs as well as thoughts on how to support a strong, established team.

Core Knowledge Category: Personal, Professional & Leadership Development, Set Two.

On-Boarding for Success 

How do you introduce new employees to your business or school? What are the most important things to know on day one? What is critical to understand as you begin a new job, what are the roles and responsibilities? How do you keep staff for more than a few weeks? Clearly communicate expectations to new employees. Leave with an orientation process that is simple, understandable and relevant to your new team members.

Core Knowledge Category: Program Management.

Hiring, Training & Retaining Staff

A school is only as strong as its people are. Class covers staffing issues from hiring the best fit to building a cohesive team that is motivated to strive for excellence. Develop rewards and recognition ideas, look at how to recover when you ‘blow it’, and leave with a plan to ask for and integrate feedback from families to improve your school program- ALL of which aids in retention of a quality team.

Core Knowledge Category: Program Management.

Bloom Where You Are Planted: The Art of Nurturing the Nurturer

Are you just surviving or thriving as a caregiver? Is it possible to feel personally nurtured while nurturing children daily? Learn how to give without giving out. Leave with a concrete plan to put into action!

Core Knowledge Category: Personal, Professional & Leadership Development.

Harmonious Classroom Teams: Building on Collaboration 

What does the idea of the "preparation of the adult" in a classroom community mean to you. How do you build harmony in your relationship with your classroom team mate? Discuss effective time-management and realistic expectations of each other as you come together to support a harmonious classroom.

Core Knowledge Category: Personal, Professional & Leadership Development.

Help Staff Grow Through Goal Setting and Objective Development

How do you inspire seasoned professionals and develop new professionals into a team that works toward higher school goals? Leave with concrete ideas on how to blend the talents and passions of the staff with whom you work with the needs of the entire school. Retain teachers in a competitive job market through encouraging them to learn and grow.

Core Knowledge Category: Program Management.

Building Meaningful Appraisals

Leave this workshop with concrete ideas of how to build an appraisal that is an honest reflection of an individual’s work. Highlight strengths and constructively support others as they strengthen other areas.

Core Knowledge Category: Personal, Professional & Leadership Development.

Personal Temperaments and the Workplace

Understanding how you see the world makes a huge difference in how you relate to others, especially in the workplace. Participants will leave with a greater understanding about personal tendencies of interaction and will explore ideas on how to create a more peaceful, more enriched work environment.

Core Knowledge Category: Personal, Professional & Leadership Development. Parent Ed version available.

Kindness in Community: Compassionate Communication and Collaboration 

Communication takes a lot of work. A lot of it. How often have you walked away from a conversation feeling angry, hurt, disappointed or misunderstood? Have you ever said things that you later regretted, things that hurt someone unnecessarily? Do you wish for more open and honest communication with your colleagues that was shared in a spirit of loving kindness? You are not alone and you have the ability to create a community of kindness.

Core Knowledge Category: Personal, Professional & Leadership Development.

Coaching to Bring Out the Best 

Coaching others to grow with respect and compassion while supporting your business achieve goals and grow. Learn how to recognize, Allow, Investigate and Nurture the work of others. Harvest successful moments and connect, communicate and collaborate with depth and meaning.

Core Knowledge Category: Personal, Professional & Leadership Development.

Handling Emotions During High Pressure Situations

Recognize the core sources of emotions in the workplace and recognize when emotions get in the way. Learn how to remain calm and support others as they recover quickly for a peaceful, efficient work environment.

Core Knowledge Category: Personal, Professional & Leadership Development.

Having Tough Conversations: Support Your Team With Honesty, Transparency and Clarity 

Create an environment where your team feels safe to learn from mistakes, grow in skill and set goals that are realistic and relevant. Learn how to harness your power of observation and share honest feedback with compassion while setting the tone for growth.

Core Knowledge Category: Personal, Professional & Leadership Development.

Work: Joy & Meaning Alongside Your Employees

Workshop participants will explore ways to assist employees reduce stress at work, learn methods to find and support home-work balance while remaining present and authentic throughout your day.

Core Knowledge Category: Personal, Professional & Leadership Development.