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Human Growth & Development

Deepen your understanding of the growth and progression of children.

Clear=Kind Essentials of Classroom Relationships (NEW!)

YOU KNOW THOSE TIMES WHEN EVERYONE IS MELTING DOWN, YOU'RE CRYING AND EVERYTHING IS FALLING APART? Analyze the ways we get in our own way, investigate how our family shaped how we treat others, and improve your tools to lead with clarity, confidence, and certainty. (6-week series)

Core Knowledge Category: Human Growth & Development & Understanding & Guiding Behavior. Set Three. 

Inspired By The Neighborhood: Bringing Mr. Rogers' Wisdom to Life In Your Classroom (Teacher favorite!)

Who doesn't know and love Mr. Rogers and his kind, respectful, honest approach to children? Examine and apply concepts, goals, and actions that support the social-emotional growth and development of young children. Create a plan in which your program is a more clear, kind, and respectful experience for your students. Cardigan required attire.

Core Knowledge Category: Human Growth & Development. Set Two.

Developmental Movement Patterns in the Classroom (Another teacher favorite!)

In this class, we will explore the developmental sequence of movement based on Judith Kestenberg's work as a movement analyst and child psychiatrist. You will leave with a new observation tool to use in your classroom that will help guide you in making material, activity and interaction choices. We will also talk about OUR OWN individual preferences and how they unfold in our relationship with individual children. How can we better support children who seem to be struggling? What do we observe and what types of classroom materials and experiences can we offer children as they grow that meets their needs and supports their healthy development regardless of their learning style and temperament?

Core Knowledge Category: Human Growth & Development; Observation & Assessment. Set Two. (Not currently available as an online option. It is best live & in-person!)

"I was able to immediately bring this tool back to my classroom with fresh insight and a new lens to see each of my students with greater clarity. I am able to see where I fit in and how my preferences inform and sometimes cloud my ability to see the child for who they present at each moment. Powerful!" - Toddler Teacher.

"Thank you! This was really, I mean really, eye-opening! I never thought about how I can become a better teacher, a more 'attuned' teacher by using this information. I can't wait to notate on Monday morning!" - Preschool Teacher.

Supporting With Empathy: Make it Better With Real Connection

Empathy has the power to calm children experiencing big emotions. It can make children instantly feel better knowing that the adult in their life understands them and welcomes their emotional expression. Learn simple ways to let children experience being authentically heard, seen, and understood within clear, calm boundaries. When a child feels this, their ability to skillfully manage emotions grows. Practice some self-reflection to pinpoint approaches that support and do not support children with empathy. When empathy is calm, reassuring, patient, and real, it always works to deepen the relationship.

Core Knowledge Category: Human Growth & Development; Understanding and Guiding Behavior.

Children and Aggression: Is There Such a Thing as a 4 year-old Bully?

“Bullying is a behavior, not an identity.” With nearly one in five children experiencing aggression each year, it is no wonder this topic is on the minds of educators. Creating a safe supportive school experience is a common goal we all share as educators. This workshop explores resources and options to address this behavior and discusses how to offer support and guidance to all parties involved. Learn how to build empathy and assist your students to identify ways to increase understanding toward others.

Core Knowledge Category: Human Growth & Development. Family Ed version available.