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Understanding & Guiding Behavior


Tools that increase your ability to keep your cool, deepen your understanding behind every behavior and guide children to make choices that are safe, kind and helpful.

Sigh.  It's BEEN A Year (NEW)

It has been a roller coaster, we are exhausted and we educators are struggling. How can we go beyond what we already know about how to take care of ourselves and connect more deeply with our students? Let's talk about Joy.  Let's talk about Flow.  How do we get in our own way? What are some new tools to support children who are also struggling? Create a partnership with others that not only extends care but receives care as well. 

Core Knowledge Category: Understanding & Guiding Behavior & Personal, Professional and Leadership Development.

 Clear=Kind Essentials of Classroom Relationships (NEW!)

YOU KNOW THOSE TIMES WHEN EVERYONE IS MELTING DOWN, YOU'RE CRYING AND EVERYTHING IS FALLING APART? Analyze the ways we get in our own way, investigate how our family shaped how we treat others,and improve your tools to lead with clarity, confidence, and certainty. (6-week series)

Core Knowledge Category: Human Growth & Development & Understanding & Guiding Behavior. Set Three.

Conversations with Children About Consent (Teacher favorite!)

Discussing the aspects of boundaries and consent with young children can seem so incredibly daunting and uncomfortable that we sometimes avoid the conversation altogether. Learn how to talk with children about their own voice and choices in a way that acknowledges the various facets of consent. Learn some basics of consent, the ways we inadvertently teach children that consent is not important and practice strategies to bring back to your classroom (or home). How children learn about consent as a child will inform how they interact with other adults and children throughout their lifetime. (Available for educators or family groups!)

Core Knowledge Category: Understanding & Guiding Behavior. Set Two. Parent Ed version available.

Difficult Behaviors 101 (Another teacher favorite!)

Learn how to recognize different types of difficult behaviors in the classroom and practice skills that work to bring harmony and peace to your community.  Increase your skill in how you support children, deepen your understanding of the child and be the compassionate teacher you want to be. 

Core Knowledge Category: Understanding & Guiding Behavior. 

Why Won't They Listen to Me? Guiding, Leading and Inspiring Children in the Classroom 

"Is anybody even listening to me? Sometimes it feels like nobody is paying attention and your directions and guidance seem to go completely ignored. Your classroom seems to be spiraling into chaos. HELP! Reflect on your personal style of guidance & discipline, the ways in which we sabotage our own attempts at leading our classroom, and how to tend to the different types of difficult behaviors. Ahhh... a more peaceful, collaborative classroom.

Core Knowledge Category: Understanding & Guiding Behavior. 

Sometimes, I Can't Help M'Self: How I Get in My Own Way 

Have you ever had a day when every single one of your efforts to manage the classroom fails miserably? Children are climbing the shelves, our stress-level is soaring and nothing seems to work! It could be old habits that make us trip up our own selves. Explore the ways in which we get in our own way and learn how to make a shift. Examine possible unmet needs and how to come to our classroom every day with a fresh perspective. 

Core Knowledge Category: 

Personal, Professional & Leadership Development; Understanding & Guiding Behavior.

Nap Languages 101 

Every child has a unique way to feel safe and comfortable enough to go to sleep. Learn how to understand the individual needs of your students so that you can help them drift off and sleep soundly without anxiety.

Core Knowledge Category: Understanding & Guiding Behavior. 

Caring Discipline: Practical Tools for Nurturing Happy Families & Classrooms

(Booked and taught through Parent Support Center)

Learn practical tools and skills based on evidence-informed curriculum and nearly 30 years of proven success. Identify the four types of misbehaviors and learn caring ways to correct them. Notice and eliminate the ways that we sabotage our own discipline efforts. Practice ways to show unconditional love. Understand ways to build children's emotional intelligence & self-esteem. Discuss, brainstorm, and laugh with other parents and educators struggling through similar issues -- it takes a village!

Core Knowledge Category: Diversity, Family & Community Systems; Understanding & Guiding Behavior. Set Two. A day-long workshop experience for educators at Set Two. Can be shared in shorter portions for Set One.

Supporting With Empathy: Make it Better With Real Connection

Empathy has the power to calm children experiencing big emotions. It can make children instantly feel better knowing that the adult in their life understands them and welcomes their emotional expression. Learn simple ways to let children experience being authentically heard, seen and understood within clear, calm boundaries. When a child feels this, her ability to skillfully manage emotions grows. Practice some self-reflection to pinpoint approaches that support and do not support children with empathy. When empathy is calm, reassuring, patient and real, it always works to deepen the relationship.

Core Knowledge Category: Human Growth & Development; Understanding and Guiding Behavior. Parent Ed version available.

Big Emotions! Keeping Your Cool When Things Get HOT!

We all experience emotions that a BIG and hard to manage. Learn ways to support your child with the calm, assertive presence of a 'mossy rock'. Explore ways to help your child self-regulate when the world seems to be crashing down.

Core Knowledge Category: Understanding and Guiding Behavior, Set One (Parent Ed version available)


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