• Members of The Hive come together to create a community of growth, inspiration, learning, and fun.


    It is a gathering of committed educators and leaders with a shared understanding that

    our work is of supreme importance.


    We deserve nice things.

    We deserve high-quality educational experiences.

    We deserve the elevation & celebration of our work with children and families.

  • What's All The Buzz About?

    Every Membership Includes

    Weekly short shots of inspiration that spark thought, offer challenges, and remind us of the impact of our work.


    Hear perspectives from a wide variety of experts from across the field of education and child development, therapists and research.

    Monthly workshops with curated content specific to the world we live in.


    Who says that online training has to be boring? Treat yourself to engaging and interactive continuing education within a community of other

    awe-inspiring educators & leaders.

    Work specifically in the areas you want to grow.


    Practice new and effective techniques in the classroom, with families, or with the educators that you lead, through a realistic goal setting methodology and inward inquisition.

  • At a time when the world couldn't feel more isolating, become a part of something bigger.

    Explore the first exclusive training club made for teachers, by teachers.

  • Have a Team? Ask About Group Discounts!

    School leaders? I got 'chu!

  • Why You Need This Club

    & Why This Club Needs You


    We all need a partner who can offer new and good ideas along with the occasional

    firm nudge in the direction we want to go.

    That would be me...


    Your work can get stagnant. It is hard to keep up momentum when you are tired and stressed.  

    We all need something that sparks Joy and Excitement again!


    Feeling isolated?

    Feeling alone and bored?


    The Hive is a community of phenomenal educators that have infinite ideas and decades of experience.

  • Ready to replace the sting of 2020 with the honey of 2021?

    Join The Hive!


    Register your entire crew and your annual training and coaching are taken care of!

    The annual commitment comes with a Welcome Box filled with

    the gifts you really want.

    No coffee mugs in this one...

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