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TV appearances

On KATU's "Afternoon Live"

If you're looking for a way to set some household rules or guidelines for the family, Watch Hannah and I shared a creative way to get everyone involved that only takes a few art supplies and some positivity!

All the whining, tattling, and arguing are driving me up the wall! How to handling your child's Self-Indulgent behavior.

But, I know they know what to do! They just won't do it! What do I do?

Listen to a short bit to discover what is (and what isn't) aggressive behavior. Also, hear some ideas about how to handle aggressive behavior from your child.

How to handle those behaviors when your child just doesn't do what you ask. These behaviors are called "Not-Minding" behaviors and there are specific ways to manage that. (Part one of four)

Communication is so much more than words! Did you realize that our bodies and our tone carry most of the message for many children. Making sure our words, tone and bodies match and make our message clear.

There is a difference between a tantrum and a meltdown. How in the world can I manage all of that?

With a new school year starting, or even if it is later in the year and you want to strengthen the partnership with your child's teacher, there are severl important points to remember. Listen to Amy talk with Hannah on KATU's "Afternoon Live".

It can be hard to have this conversation with our child. We may feel nervous about not know how to begin. Listen to how you can start talking about enthusiastic 'yes' and a firm, clear 'no'- how to practice saying it and how to practice listening it for it. A conversation to have early and often.

Amy's book "Rude, Mean, & Bullying. What is That?", talks about how we can help young children understand how to recognize and handle hurtful behavior in others and what to do if we di it ourselves. Most importantly, what is the role of The Upstander in social situations.

When it comes to raising and teaching kids, we are all doing the best we can, but is it possible that we are getting in our own way? Listen to Amy talk with Kara on KATU's "Afternoon Live" about the common ways we can trip up and mess up and what to do when that happens.

Just like adults, children can experience some very BIG emotions, but navigating these feelings can sometimes be a little more difficult... For everyone. Let's talk about how we can help when everything seems to explode.


Whether it's moving away or starting school, big events and milestones can be tricky for kids to navigate. Watch Amy share how you can support your child during a big change.

We may mean well when we tell our kids "good job", but are we really helping them build that inner voice they will carry with them forever? Listen to Amy explain how we can give our children affirmation while helping them develop a strong sense of inner strength and self-respect.