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Podcast Appearances

Conversations that go DEEP!

We can adjust our conversation about consent as our children grow into pre-teens and teenagers. How to practice listening and respecting others' boundaries around consent.

Listen to Amy and how you can feel more confident having the consent conversation with your child and the importance of have this conversation early & often.

And another conversation about consent... Sometimes it may feel uncomfortable to dive into this conversation. There may be so many questions. Listen to why it is important and learn some phrases you can use to have the conversation that is clear, true and vulnerable with your child. Have it early. Have it often.

Need some practical parenting strategies to help you manage hitting, backtalk and disobedience?

If the tantrum is happening over there, but there are no blood, brains or bones, you can take a minute to take care of yourself so you can come back and be the parent you want to be vs. the parent who is at that high stress, dysregulated state.

Amy talks with Bev & Paul about the power of making connections with our children during moments of calm. Not when they are doing something that we think is amazing and not when they are falling apart, but in those quiet moments. Often brief and non-verbal, these simple moments of connection deepen your relationship with your child, letting them know that you notice them and love them without them having to DO anything.

Sometimes, everything falls apart and I just keep getting in my own way. Sometimes, I think that I actually undo every step of progress we are making in my classroom & in my home. What do I do? What can I say?