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    I help educators & families make their classrooms and homes peaceful again.

    My real job is to be your coach- your guide and cheerleader to teach you skills and boost your confidence.

    If your classroom or home feels like a powder keg, you are not alone.

    I can give you the tools you need to be the most incredible, important adult in the life of a child.


    All of this without having daily breakdowns.

    Imagine that!


    Reach out to me today!


    Family Education

    Book your entire community!

    Workshops that meet the needs of your family; respectful guidance & discipline, understanding temperament, problem-solving.

    Team Training

    For all that PD you need...

    Customized training to fit the needs of your team. Content is relevant, urgent, and compelling.

    Individual Coaching

    1:1 or group coaching options available

    Private coaching to help you become the compassionate, respectful, and joyful person you were meant to be.

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    Portland, Oregon
    Online courses available nationally
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