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    I remain committed to doing my part in the effort to keep everyone, including the children that we serve, as healthy and safe as possible. At this time, I am offering online training & coaching with selected in-person events with proof of COVID-19 vaccination.


  • Welcome to a creative and engaging consultancy that arrives right where your needs begin.

    With a deep respect for your authentic and unique strengths, I provide a meaningful

    experience where together we create impact, inspire transformation,

    and make a difference in the world of children.


    Online sessions, private coaching & keynote talks are available.

    OCCD Master trainer in Oregon and now an approved Washington MERIT trainer!

  • Professional Development

    Public workshops are presented on a range of topics, with new courses developed regularly. These programs can fulfill your required training hours.

    Team Training

    Customized training to fit the needs of your team. Content is relevant, urgent, and compelling. Group rates apply.

    Individual Coaching

    Private coaching to help you become the compassionate, respectful, and joyful teacher or parent you were meant to be.

  • "I was feeling like a failure as a parent. I reached out to Amy and she reached back with authenticity, laughter, and the best advice I could ever hope for. My home is more peaceful and sane, thanks to her. I can't thank you enough, Ms. Amy!" "

    - Parent

    "I was able to immediately bring this tool back to my classroom with fresh insight and a new lens to see each of my students with greater clarity. I am able to see where I fit in and how my preferences inform and sometimes cloud my ability to see the child for who they present at each moment. Powerful!"

    - Toddler Teacher

    "I have been teaching for decades and Amy taught me something brand new. My entire team benefited from Amy's experience and reliability. Can we book again RIGHT NOW?"

    - Head of School

    "The workshops are incredibly interesting and useful. I really enjoyed how interactive it was. Can't wait to put it into practice in my classroom tomorrow."

    - Primary Teacher

    "Amy provides the best training I've ever taken. It feels much more like a community discussion than formal training, which is really nice. Amy's kindness and open arms create a very safe and positive learning space."

    - Head of School

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